Square R2.png

Building a life-size remote controlled R2-D2 from the Star Wars films that can be used for charity work.

Provoking imagination through appealing to curiosity within the realm of kinetic furniture design.

Ryobi 002.png

A future focused assistant for those new to using power tools.



12   /   11   /   2019

Hosted a panel at the Brisbane Convention where I discussed various manufacturing and prototyping techniques as well as the different types of 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing.


19   /   08   /   2019

I was invited to attend Robotronica event that's hosted by QUT and exhibit my R2-D2 that I am in the process of building. I was then able to engage with the public and answer questions about design and digital manufacturing.


11   /   06   /   2019

I attended a workshop on 3D Printing with Metals and Composites which provided a fascinating insight into the future of rapid prototyping.