Waitless is the perfect blend of chopping board and integrated cooktop designed to facilitate easier and more efficient ways to prepare food. Research conducted throughout the project found young professionals didn’t find the cooking process appealing, viewing the process as inefficient and time intensive which conflicted with their busy lifestyle. 


Waitless helps combat this issue of time deficiency not through time management, but through creating a product that maximises the user’s efficiency throughout the entire process of use. 


Waitless seamlessly blends the chopping board and frying pan together allowing the user to cut and cook all in the same space. No longer do users need to cut up ingredients on a cutting board only to try and transfer it to a frying pan and have food overshoot onto the floor. 


Using the technology of metamaterials to implement morphing metal sides, the user can cut and slice all their ingredients on the chopping board then with the flick of a switch the sides of the board morph up and into the sides of a frying pan with the heating element starting simultaneously. 


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