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I worked as a Prop Maker on Godzilla VS Kong. This was my first time working in film and was a fantastic way to start working in the film industry! I got to help build some fantastic stuff with the rest of the extremely talented Props Manufacture Department.


The film showcases a huge control room built inside the titan skull of Ghidorah. The skull itself was constructed by a separate department however, we got to provide the sci-fi equipment that was installed inside.


Props Manufacture specifically produced the main control console, the chair and the helmet inface arm that was mounted from the ceiling. I was a part of the team that constructed the helmet interface arm and assisted with cleaning 3D prints, preparing resin cast parts and assembly.


The HEAV is the hero ship from the film. There were two different sets, the HEAV exterior (which has the full exterior hull and the loading bay inside) and then the HEAV Cockpit (which was mounted onto a gimbal for all the action shots).


The Props Manufacture Department were tasked with kiting out the internals of this gimbal mounted cockpit. I assisted with the construction of the control console assembly and installation into the steel cockpit frame.

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