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Multifunction Cover.png

I've always had a fascination with Kinetic furniture designs, designs that trigger the imagination of the viewer to think of all the possibilities a design might allow them to achieve. ​ This is exactly where this Modular Furniture design came from. It's inspired in part by the likes of Tetris. The design consists of a number of pixelated/ square edged forms that can be slotted together.


Essentially the pieces can be customised to suit the ever evolving needs of the user regardless of the context. It can be arranged as a table and chairs, a TV/multimedia unit, a sofa/lounge chair and even a bed.

The entire project was constructed from 100% recycled materials. The timber visible on the outside is constructed from restored 80 year old Brush Box Timber floor boards that were rescued from an old "Queenslander" style home that was scheduled for demolition. All these floor boards were lovingly sanded back to reveal the amazing natural wood grain hidden beneath the decades of wear and tear. It was certainly worth the 3 hour drive to be able to go rescue this beautiful timber.



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