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Morph Cover 002.png

This bespoke coffee table was the beginning of my experimentation with kinetic and interactive furniture. This piece aims to provoke thought and imagination within the viewer by way of appealing to their curiosity. Something that’s achieved through the centre piece of this design and its unique ability to be able to morph to the weight of the objects placed on it.


The centre portion of the table consists of 121 individual hand cut, hand sanded and hand oiled blocks, all with the ability to move individually of each other. It’s a feature that continually prompts thoughts about how such a unique and usual feat was achieved.


The entire table was built from 100% recycled Kwila timber. The local School was had just torn down an old outdoor undercover where long trips of the Kwila were used as slats. The timber was not in good shape when I received it, it was worn, beaten and showed the weathering of a decade exposed to UV and the sun. These beams were completely stripped and sand back to reveal the beautiful grain below.


There was a plenty of biscuit joining, mitre joints, gluing and sanding to get it to the final assembled state, but it all was well worth the effort to be able to bring this timber back to life and after giving it a few coats of danish Oil it really made the brilliant grain of the timber shine.



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