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Packout Cover Compress.png

Trades people need to be able to transport and securely store their tools. As such, the Milwaukee Packout storage system has proved to be exceptionally popular due to its expansive and flexible modular storage system. I personally use the Packout system for storage under my workbench whilst working on film productions as a Prop Maker. To better store and transport my tools, I started designing custom 3D printed inserts that I could use.


Seeing that this was a popular idea within the custom Packout mod community, I have been working hard designing, prototyping and manufacturing more custom designs so that anyone can 3D print their own inserts with my files/designs!


I don’t have the means to be able to produce and sell the physical 3D printed inserts, thus I set up a storefront on Gumroad where I am to sell the digital STL 3D file so that people can 3D print their own inserts. You can find all my current designs listed here for sale:



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