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Packout Cover Compress.png

Milwaukee Packout is a modular tool storage system. Working in Film as a Prop Maker means my kit needs to move around for each new production, so the system was a perfect fit for me. To maximise the efficiency of my boxes, I started designing custom 3D printable inserts to fit inside.

I've made the digital 3D files available for purchase on my Gumroad store so anyone around the world can purchase the files and print these designs for themselves! You can purchase the 3D print files here:

For those don’t have access to a 3D printer, I have a list of approved vendors I’ve partnered with that sell my designs as physical prints. You can view the full list of the international vendors here:

This page is sorted by brand, Packout box type and then tool model. Simply click the image of the design you’re interested in to open the Gumroad page. From there you can purchase the digital 3D files so you can start printing these for your own kit!

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