Hosting a Panel at SUPANOVA

At SupaNova this last weekend the Redback Garrison hosted an hour long interactive panel on Droids, Vehicles and Props. I was lucky enough to be able to help host the panel along with some other brilliant Redbacks, although we had the last time slot on the last day but once we'd finished we'd grown the crowd had doubled. Really was a great opportunity.

During my half hour section of the panel I discussed various manufacturing and prototyping techniques anyone can use at home. As well as talking about the different types of 3D Printing and how they work for "Additive Manufacturing."

Although one of the biggest highlights of the con was before the panel, one of the lead sculptors for Weta Studies was there watching his colleague do his presentation in the time slot before us. Now for those who don't know Weta is who made all the Lord of the Rings Movies so they're amazing effects artists.

And he saw me getting the Gatekeeper Droid out to assemble it for our panel and he got extremely excited! So much so he loved it and after waiting for me to assemble it he wanted a picture of me holding it! So I'm a little blown away that a professional working on movies like Lord of The Rings and a master sculpture not only knew what the droid was but wanted a photo which was very humbling.

Myself and the other host up on stage (I'm in the centre)

The Gatekeeper Droid Replica that I brought along for the panel