Presenting at BOMBARDIER

Last night marked my final presentation for my second year of University. However it was no ordinary presentation since we had to go into the head offices of one the leading public transport design firms in the world and present to them in a boardroom scenario. Bombardier has worked on projects such as the Gold Coast Light Rail and the Melbourne Trams so this is their speciality and we had to present our design proposal for Public Transport in Brisbane.

Long story short we proposed a system that better helped normalise the process for the alternately abled moving through the system from the station to our project which was the wheel chair. There was plenty more details but I won't go in depth here as but suffice it to say we we did brilliantly.

Bombardier really like our project and that we went for an inclusive design and they pretty well have no negative feedback whatsoever and they were impressed that for a University project we had tried to work with a topic that most people don't consider and just tack on at the end.

So we were pretty chuffed to say the least. Also the 3D work and Model work below in the pictures are all done by me. There was much time invested into those but it was well worth it, and they were viably impressed when I handed out the physical models for them to look at during the presentation.