QUT Prestige Scholarships Information Seminar

Late last month I received a special Invitation to be able to attend the 2017 Prestige Scholarships Information Seminar and tonight I was lucky enough to be able to attend this great event. Scholarships featured at the seminar included Fulbright, Gates, John Monash and the New Colombo Plan all of which were incredibly interesting to listen to and learn about.

The host also mentioned that at the end of each academic year QUT identifies students who have excelled academically and the University takes a particular interest in monitoring the academic progress of these students demonstrating exemplary scholarship ad these are the students that QUT specifically sought out and invited to this evening.

They also used the evening as opportunity to acknowledge the academic performance and the dedication applied to achieve this level of academic success so far of the students chosen to attend.

Not only was it an excellent and very informative evening, it was also a humbling experience to hear that I am making great progress in my studies with my grades so much so that I was among those chosen to be able to attend the evening.