Hosting a Panel at SUPANOVA 2017

I was fortunate enough to be able to host a panel at Brisbane SupaNova this last weekend. On the Saturday of the event myself and another gentleman hosted an hour long panel where we talked about all things related to Droid and Prop building and by all accounts it was a great success. (I'm on the right in the pictures and Michael is on the left) I spent my half hour of the panel I talked 3D printing, the different kinds of 3D technology, how to 3D print, getting started with learning 3D Modelling and what programs will suit you if you want to learn. I then was able to answer various questions that other aspiring makers had to try help them out in their journey.

We had a packed audience and easily 300 people watching the panel online since this year it was being live streamed to Twitch. I also filmed the panel as I know I've been asked about that in past years. So watch this space as I'll post up the video once I have it all sorted/edited.