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Ryobi Sensei Cover V2 COMPRESS.png

Ryobi Sensei presents inexperienced power tool and DIY users the opportunity to learn how to create and renovate skilfully in seamless unison with safe work practices to enhance their hands on experience. Sensei takes the traditional concept of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and revolutionises it to leverage the growth of Smart Home technology and Augmented Reality (AR). Sensei provides users with real-time, tool and task specific feedback during use through tailored walkthroughs for new tools, safety and tool maintenance.

The headset can be configured into either a full-face shield or glasses, to suit user preference and comfort. Sensei facilitates augmented reality heads up display (HUD) that displays graphics, text and visual aids to empower the user, enrich their creative freedom and deepen their experience in a safe and intuitive environment.


The thesis completed in the final year of my degree was founded, researched and designed in collaboration with Techtronic Industries (TTI). As the parent company for Ryobi, AEG and Milwaukee, TTI has a reputation as the industry leader amongst global brands in the tool sector. Industry partnership opportunities were extremely limited, competitive and highly sought after. Applying and successfully gaining selection, my travel to Shenzen to gain insight into the values and operations of the company presented me this deeply immersive opportunity.



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